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Has your computer taken control of you, rather than you controlling your computer? Are you tired of waiting for you computer to start up? Are you tired of those annoying pop-up ads that appear at the most inconvenient times? Have you been hesistant to go on-line fearing if someone or something has been hacking into your computer? Have you ever been wondering what those really funny words such as VPN and Ping are? Did you know that there is a major difference between Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Windows XP?

InterLinx is the answer for your questions and the solution for the majority of your home computer problems purchased from Dell, Gateway, Wal-mart and from the yard sale down the road. Take a look at our services provided below or give us a call when you are in need.

Current Services for Home Desktop and Laptop Computers

  • Complete troubleshooting
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Full Computer Tune-Up
  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Getting you connected to the internet
  • Personal Website Creation
  • Custom DVD Creation from your Video Footage
  • Custom Music CDs of your choice
  • Individualized training on how to use all the programs and capabilities on your computer, call or e-mail us for details
  • Computer and Network consulting
  • Custom hardwired Computer Network Cabling using CAT 5e standards
  • Wireless Gateways and Access Point setups for wireless networks
  • Securing your hardwired or wireless home networks

E-mail if you have any other questions you may have for Home Computer Problems that we may not have addressed above.

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