Graphical Solutions

Have you ever wanted to create a classy business card that is unique to you and your industry? Have you ever wanted to create brochures for your company that you could design on your own but you don't have the tools, equipment or software to create it?

Interlinx can help you create custom documents and we can burn them to a CD so that you yourself or your company has a copy and owns the rights to it. Interlinx has taken digital photographs of High School Seniors, touched them up, integrated captions and put them in a format that has been accepted by most photoshops without the high cost of sitting fee's and limited photo-size selection.

Remember, any documents, photo's, presentations and other means of graphical communication created by Interlinx for its customer will be own by the customer!

Current Services for Home Desktop and Laptop Computers

  • Business Cards
  • Digital Photography
  • Brochures
  • Creating Presentations
  • Letterheads
  • Business Logo Development
  • Photo Collages

E-mail if you have any other questions you may have for Graphical solutions that we may not have addressed above.

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