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Does your Small Business Office or non-profit organization have more than 2 computers or 2 printers? Has your business ever been asked: "Do you have a website"? Have you ever been asked for your business e-mail address and all you have is a hotmail or yahoo account? Did you know that even if your company has nothing to do with computers, there are still many people out there that are looking for basic information on your company?

Did you know that you can share printers, documents, photo's, addresses, information and many other common office resources with a network? Did you know that you can have a network with or without Internet access? If you do already have internet access, Interlinx can limit Internet abuses by your employees by various methods. Did you also know that you can connect back into your office network from almost any Internet connection in the world?

There are many ways your successful and expanding small business or organization may benefit from from using a secure and well-configured network. Have Interlinx consult with your Business to efficiently and effectively determine your needs and wants for smooth office operations in a single or multiple locations.

Current Services for Small Business Computers, Servers and Laptops

  • Complete Computer, Server and Laptop troubleshooting
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Full Computer, Server and Laptop Tune-Ups
  • Hardware Installation
  • Software Installation
  • Getting you connected to your network
  • Getting your network connected to the internet
  • Securing your computers and your network from Internet attacks
  • Design, create and implement Departmental and Organizational Websites
  • Register your custom Domain Name for an Internet presence
  • Individualized and Organizational training on how to use all the programs and capabilities on your computer, servers and your network, call or e-mail us for details
  • Advance Computer and Network consulting
  • Custom hardwired Computer Network Cabling using CAT 5e standards during all phases of construction, remodeling and organizational expansions
  • Office computer moves
  • Video Surveillance/Security Systems
  • Data Entry
  • Custom DVD Creation from your Video Footage
  • Wireless Gateways and Access Point setups for wireless networks
  • Creating, Implementing and troubleshooting VPN connections so that employees may connect to the business Local Area Network (LAN) from most internet connections throughout the world
  • Creating, Implementing and maintaining local / wide area networks (LANs / WANs)
  • Onsite Technical assistance with Presentations using graphical media such as a projector, laptop and A/V equipment while you concentrate on your presentation rather than technical difficulties
  • Maintenance Plans for your computer and network equipment
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually

E-mail if you have any other questions you may have for Business Solution problems that we may not have addressed above.

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